PolyDivider is a Cinema 4D deformer plugin that makes procedural subdividions on polygon meshes or primitives allowing the user to create rectangular style topology.


PolyDivider creates in a Cinema 4D scene a new deformer object. To know how to use deformers please take a look this article.



Each polygon of a deformable object is recursively divided into two new polygons according to the number of iterations.


This setting can be opened by clicking on the small triangle to the left of the Iteration option. Here you can specify the number of polygons iterations separately for vertical and horizontal splitting


Changing the Seed value will result in entirely different random iterations result.


Varies the size proportions of the newly created polygons.
  • 0% - Polygons size the same.
  • 100% - Polygons size different.

X Offset, Y Offset

Change polygons size by moving on perpendicular directions of the source polygon plane

Alternative Offset

Makes offset function more variable


Polygons scaling


With the Slide option, polygon edges can be moved along their surface. It works like Scale option but from particilar edge. Polygon sliding can be managed using Fields with it direction and strength.


Polygon sliding can be done with rotation movement. This option indicates start angle when polygon starts sliding. Spline feature helps to adjust animation for more convinient result.


This option extrudes polygons like a Cinema 4D Extrude Tool


Enable this option to create a cap at the base of the extrusion. This gives you a quick way to create a closed volume.

Extrude Inner

This option operates in a similar way to Extrude but the polygons are extruded inwards.


Extrude Inner option modes:
  • Default - Standart mode
  • Hole - Only extruded polygons
  • Invert - Without extruded polygons

Field Precision

This option setting up polygon sensibility to fields

Optimize Tolerance

After each iteration plugin optimizes geometry. To eliminating points you may enter a tolerance value. If points are closer to each other than this value, then they are merged into one point; if the points are further apart than the value, they will not be merged. If polygons become redundant (e.g., if all three corner points of the polygon occupy the same point), CINEMA 4D will automatically delete them.


Iterations, Scale, Extrude, Extrude Inner and Slide parameters can be changed using the Cinema 4D Fields System. Create a Field object, drag it to the Linkbox of the parameter you need, or click the Create button to add a new Group Field. Read more about how Cinema 4D Fields System works here. See examples in the Videotutorials section.


In this dialog box, you can activate/deactivate the plugin, open Online Help page or the plugin's official page and send feedback message by email.